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01jan12:00 am12:00 amWakeUpBrain Expert Certification


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WAKEUPBRAIN EXPERT. This is the first level of certification

If you are in any of these situations, you may need to become a WakeUpBrain EXPERT:

  • I am in charge of innovation activities in an organization and I need tools to accelerate results.
  • I need to train myself and others in really effective methodologies to generate really novel, high-impact ideas and execute them quickly.
  • For my current projects it is essential to be able to generate truly differentiating, surprising concepts. I need to shake the world.

To be a WakeUpBrain Expert is to enter the big leagues of innovation.

WakeUpBrain Expert certification will lead you to:

  • Understand why games solve the main barriers people face when trying to innovate.
  • Acquire skills to design and use games that achieve amazing things in people. In particular, you will get yourself and the teams in which you participate to generate really new and impactful ideas, in minimum time and in a fun way!
  • Use the WakeUpBrain game to solve problems of any kind with incredible ease.

What will I be able to achieve as a WakeUpBrain Expert?

  • Conduct ideation sessions using game-based methodologies.
  • Design strategies to reinforce capacities and competencies related to innovation in different types of organizations.
  • Identify reasons why an innovation process is going slowly and design strategies based on game mechanics to accelerate them.
  • To increase the taste for innovation in the people of the organization. Build meaningful motivation that leads people to rethink processes or propose novel and high potential concepts.
  • To face and solve problems of different kinds with a simple, stimulating and effective process.


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