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EkoBrain, the game-based methodology to accelerate sustainability in companies.

How to make a sustainable company? To design a business with sustainability at its core, several things must change in different parts of the company’s operation: in the products and services offered, in the way they are stored and delivered, in the type of relationship with suppliers and partners, in internal processes and even in the way we advertise.

But where do we start?

That’s the key question for many managers and leaders of companies, large and small (and medium-sized, and giants, and tiny and…).

EKOBRAIN The methodology that allows companies to create a transformation plan towards sustainability, with exciting goals, concrete actions and real indicators.

Imagine a program for businesses that achieves:

Build a much more profitable business model, which is capable of contributing to the environment and society.

Initiate the process of transformation towards sustainability with actions based on innovation processes.

To have a real impact on the environment and society through the actions of companies.

Generate success stories that motivate the business ecosystem to move towards sustainability.

To be an example to the world in terms of entrepreneurship towards sustainability.

Aligned with three main guidelines for sustainable behavior in companies:

  • GRI: Environmental and Social Performance Indicators
  • ESG: Sustainable Management Indicators
  • Sustainable Development Goals

EkoBrain Products

1. GRI Materiality Assessment: Measurement of materiality. Using the WakeUpBrain game, raise awareness about the importance of correctly defining strategic sustainability indicators and to what extent they affect stakeholders and the company. Developed with the support of the GRI team in Amsterdam, this session assists in the process of using the GRI framework to generate reports and track the company’s sustainability performance.

2. EkoBrain Expert Certification: Training in EkoBrain methodology of using games to accelerate the path to sustainability. Aimed at those who want to understand how EkoBrain’s suite of playful tools can support their work as a consultant, teacher, collaborator or leader in sustainability issues.

3. Eko-Radar: Session on identifying opportunities to innovate in sustainability. A 2 to 4-hour session with the organization’s internal team, which manages to identify the points and moments of greatest environmental and social impact and, based on them, generate possible actions that increase the company’s sustainability performance.

E-Tournament: A collective innovation exercise in which teams of collaborators “compete” to identify the best opportunities to have a positive impact on social and environmental issues, generate novel ideas and prototype them to validate their potential. It is the best opportunity to reinforce the company’s culture of sustainability, train in the use of innovation tools and give rise to projects that can revolutionize the way the company does things. An immersive and exciting experience that generates pride and a desire to contribute to improving the impact that the company has on its environment.

4. Eko-Meter: Measure the current level of sustainability culture and practices. The EkoBrain model provides a four-way view of the topic of sustainability: Ekomcompetitiveness: Building the sustainable business model. Ekontrol: Definition of indicators and improvement plan. Ekultura: Culture of sustainability. People make the model possible. Ekosystem: Level of integration with the ecosystem that makes new levels of sustainability possible.

5. EkoBrain Game: A tool that should be present in your innovation rooms and in the company’s library. The box with which you can make hundreds of games to support and accelerate the processes of transformation towards sustainability. More than seventy large cards, more than 20 connectors and a book with multiple possibilities to play and innovate.

Results by company

  • Up to 10 employees trained in sustainability concepts.
  • Transformation plan towards sustainability with objectives for 1, 3 and 5 years.
  • Up to three transformation actions towards sustainability executed and with real results.
  • Positive impact on the business: new products and services based on innovation or the redesign of strategic processes towards new levels of efficiency.
  • Bank of indicators and measurement methodologies in place, aligned with the GRI international standard and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Communications plan and reinforcement of the culture of sustainability within the organization.
  • Top-notch EkoBrain certification in the adoption of sustainable practices.


  • Real impact on the environment.
  • Real impact on the social fabric.
  • The beginning of a robust ecosystem built around positive impact, both environmental and social, and transparent management of companies.

In addition, documented success stories are provided for communications and programs to generate a culture of sustainability.