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Welcome to WakeUpBrain

The Next Level of Innovation

WakeUpBrain is the most powerful, game-based methodology for accelerating any kind of innovation and developing creative and problem-solving capabilities. Take advantage of the motivation and change of perspective that games provide, to lead the brains of the team to see new ways of creation and solution.

Some of the things that innovators around the world do by playing with WakeUpBrain:

  • Design your next innovative product or service .
  • Develop innovation capabilities in your team.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation.

You can do this and much more with WakeUpBrain!

Don’t have the WakeUpBrain game yet. Buy it now and you’ll receive:


  • WakeUpBrain game with over 60 giant heavy-duty cards.
  • WakeUpBrain Open book contains the basics of the WakeUpBrain methodology and 50 games for the different innovation processes.
  • An online counseling session to align the tool with your needs.

Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of the dozens of games available on this website, completely free of charge! You can access them here. It’s like buying more than 200 innovation tools in a single box.

Buy it by entering the games and/or books section, or directly here

Some of the users of WakeUpBrain include:

  • Innovation leaders in companies
  • Coaches and Consultants in Human Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Teams

WakeUpbrain Certifications



Forte. The Human Talent Game.

Games & Books

Diagnosis of Innovation Culture - RTD

Calendar of Events

Forte Certification

EkoBrain Certification

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Choose one of the available resources and take the next leap in your innovative capacity

Fun and valuable knowledge is waiting for you

WakeUpBrain Academies

The network of WakeUpBrain Academies throughout the Americas and Europe offer a gateway to the world of WakeUpBrain:

  • Certifications in the WakeUpBrain methodology
  • WakeUpBrain sessions for:
    • Generating truly original high-potential ideas
    • Approach to innovative thinking through play
    • WakeUpBrain Play Sessions
  • i-Tournaments, the renowned innovation tournaments that change the culture of organizations and reinforce the innovation capabilities of all employees
  • Entrepreneurship acceleration programs with THE OTHER PARTNER METHODOLOGY

Find your nearest WakeUpBrain Academy here.


Online Courses

Learn practical tricks to be a radically more effective innovator. How to ask the famous Exciting Questions? How do you design your activities (and those of your collaborators) as if they were games? All Online (and with a Fun Twist)

Online Certification

It’s time to have one of the award-winning, internationally valid WakeUpBrain certifications. An experience that achieves, as it has not been seen before, a transformative experience without leaving home. Live sessions with top-level trainers, self-guided content, online games, virtual mentoring, and other tools make a WakeUpBrain certification a powerful experience.

The Innovation Podcast (EPDLI)

The podcast discusses how innovation can benefit from mechanics taken from games. Here’s the latest episode:

Here you can listen to all the other episodes of The Innovation Podcast on Spotify

“I want to thank you infinitely for your participation in the R&D trainings. The WakeUpBrain workshop really had a very positive impact on the team”
Margarita Serrato. Unilever
The trainings offered by the WakeUpBrain Academy have helped more than 50,000 innovation professionals find ways to increase the effectiveness of their innovation efforts.
Whether it is to increase creative skills (creative problem solving, creative thinking, flexibility, originality, etc.) or to reinforce knowledge about innovation (How to implement an innovation system in an organization? How to define innovation indicators? etc.), there is no better place than the WakeUpBrain Academy

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